Open at 11:30 am Wednesday -Saturday

Wednesday  to Thursday main menu until 7pm

 Friday and Saturday main menu until 8pm


Our local on tap beer is Sir John A and Island Red



 Spring Rolls –                  6.95
Pizza Rolls –                    6.95
Donair Egg roll –             2.75  
Mozzarella Sticks -          7.49
Sweet Potato Fries –       5.95
Spicy Lattice Fries –        4.95
Onion Rings –                  5.49
Deep Fried Pepperoni –  4.95
Mac N Cheese Wedges – 5.49
Deep Fried Pickles –        5.95

Chicken Wings –  6/6.49 or 12/12.49
Mild, med, hot, honey garlic, BBQ, Salt & pepper, ranch
Potato Skins –  6.49
With works –onions, tomatoe, peppers  8.49         
Pub Nachos –   10.95
add chicken or beef 2.50 extra cheese 2.00
Munchie Platter – Lattice fries, onion rings, 4 wings, 4 mac&cheese wedges, 4 spring rolls, corn chips, Veggie sticks 19.95
Burger Zone

Irish - Island Beef with all the toppings    8.25

O’Shea - with cheddar/mozza               8.75

Shamrock - with cheddar/mozza and bacon     9.95
Above burgers served with fried onions, mustard, ketchup, relish, lettuce, tomato on grilled bun

Firefighters - BBQ sauce, cheese and onion rings, lettuce, tomato  9.95

Chicken Burger – Breaded or grilled chicken, mayo, lettuce, tomato 10.95
add bacon or cheese for 1.00 ea.

Chicken Cordon Blue - Breaded or grilled chicken, ham, cheese, mayo, lettuce, tomato    12.95

Haddock Burger – Deep fried or grilled haddock with lettuce and tomato -   9.95

Your choice of fries, baked or mashed OR change to Sweet potatoes, salads, lattice fries or onion rings for extra 3.00

Pub Grub

Pub Salad – Salad greens topped with veggies -  5.95

Caesar Salad - Romaine tossed with dressing, real bacon bits, parmesan and homemade croutons    5.95
Mediterranean Salad – Salad greens, olives, tomatoe, cucumbers, red onion, Feta, dressing    6.95

Homemade soup -    4.95

Sandwiches - Beef, chicken or chicken salad, Toasted BLT, Grilled bacon & cheese  –     5.49

Garlic Bread –    2.95 with cheese – 4.45
Western Denver - Green peppers, ham, & eggs, on toasted whole wheat or white     6.95

Poutine  - Fries loaded with cheese and gravy       6.95

Fries with the Works - Fries or mashed topped with burger, onions, gravy and peas   9.95

Grilled Tortilla shells stuffed with chicken, cheese, green pepper, mushrooms and tomato - served with sour cream and salsa.        Half – 7.95 Full – 11.95
Chicken Finger Dinner - 3 fingers served sweet & sour sauce and fries      10.95    

Hot Hamburger or Hot Chicken – 2 slices of bread, gravy & peas      10.95

Pub Club  - Chicken, bacon, cheese, Lettuce, tomato and mayo on whole wheat or white    12.95    

Beef Dip - Roast beef, cheese, garlic bun, Au Ju for dipping      12.95

Chicken BLT Salad or Wrap it up with Fries Crispy or grilled chicken    11.95

Chicken Ceasar Salad or Wrap it up with Fries Crispy or grilled chicken   11.95

Philly Chicken or Philly Beef–Sliced grilled chicken or beef, topped with Mozza, sautéed green peppers, mushrooms & onions on garlic bread    12.95

Steak Sandwich –6 oz  striploin topped with Onions mushrooms, on a piece of garlic bread   13.95

Steak Sub – Garlic grilled Sub bun with sliced striploin steak topped with cheese, onions and mushrooms   13.95

Bangers N Mashed – 2 Oktoberfest sausage on mashed potatoes topped with gravy  11.95

Hamburger Steak & Onions – Burger pattys topped with onions and gravy 11.95

Fish and Chips – 1 piece 9.95 2 piece 12.95
Haddock loins dipped in our homemade batter. Try it grilled. Extra fish 3.00 ea

Your choice of fries, baked or mashed OR change to Sweet potatoes, salads, lattice fries or onion rings for extra 3.00